Investing in Yourself – My budget non-negotiables


Let me start by saying I’m a HUGE fan of the “Treat Yo Self” motto but I’m also the first person to treat myself straight into a maxed out credit card and minimum payments. There’s nothing cute about that! I’m much more responsible these days, so as I took a look at my budget for the fourth quarter I became stuck on a question: What things do I need to be my best self? I settled on these three things.  Continue reading

I remember my first big girl paycheck. I spent ALL of it. I’d never had more than a few hundred dollars in my bank account before, and while I knew the basics of budgeting, I didn’t understand how to divide my paychecks accordingly. For two years I tried self-help books, various mobile apps, and dedicated prayer to help me keep my financial life in order. I think I finally found something that works for me and my current lifestyle. Continue reading